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Here at The Gadget Addicts, we love every one of you lovely reader and we sincerely hope you love us too. We hope you love our mix of gear, game and film articles and reviews and we really do hope you want us to continue doing it.

We appreciate that we're new to this kind of thing and we are just breaking through. However, we need  your support. You see, every single review of every game, device or film is funded by us. We don't get any help and we make a fist of it ourselves. We really want to expand what we can do, bring you more gear reviews, cover more games over more devices so you can make the informed decision on what to buy and when to buy it.

To that end, we hope to get a little bit of help from you, our lovely readers (and you are all lovely). There's two ways you can help us out:

1. Click on the ads. We know ads are a pain, we do, but they're an essential part of the online ecosystem these days. The ads on TGA are targeted, so they should be relevant for what you like and what you may be interested in.

2. Donate to us. Yes, if you're feeling a bit flush and a bit generous then click on the donate button and send us some money directly through PayPal. Donators will be thanked personally and large enough donations will even incur special gifts (which are TBD at this point).

Any money this site generates will be used to invest back into the site. We all have jobs here, this isn't our livelihood, it's a wonderful outlet for the things we are most passionate about. When the site is making money it will let us procure better gadgets to show off to you, more games to review and we may even get to the point where we can hire extra writers so we can get you EVEN MORE stuff than before.

So please, do help us in any way you can and we will love you all forever

The Gadget Addicts

(by the way, did we mention that you're all lovely?)


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